Freecodecamp Certification ongoing

I’ve completed all the Freecodecamp frontend challenges so far. All that remains to get the certification is the Responsive Web Design Projects, the most important part.

The Frontend course was a great way to review all the basics while still learning new skills. For the most part it was a very straightforward process. The additional Applied Accessibility, Responsive Web Design Principles, CSS Flexbox and CSS Grid was a great addition to make things more on par with the industry tendencies.

The estimated time to complete is 300 Hours. Sounds about right for someone getting started in software development. Converting the hours to days, we get roughly 12.5 days. Since no one does this 24h a day (hopefully), an estimation of 8h a day would take you 37.5 days, approximately a month and a week. It took me 1 week and 2 days at 4 to 6 hours a day, so I’d say that I’m on a good pace to finish the projects by the end of the week.

You can check my progress on my CodePen page here.

Happy coding!