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? Better README: Add contributors more easily

All Contributors bot will add every single contributor to a tidy grid on your README file with just one comment

It’s hard to give credit to everyone on each project. It’s even harder maintaining the Readme up to date with each new team member addition.

All contributors bot changes that by adding contributors just by adding a comment to a pull request:

@all-contributors please add <username> for <contributions>

That’s it. The bot will create a pull request to submit the changes to the file and does not require anything else. Also there’s no more commands.

As an example, to add Jack to our project as a developer contribution, I added a comment to an existing Pull Request:

add @all-contributors please add @JackPriceBurns as a contributor for code.

For different / multiple roles just add the name of the emoji on this list separated by a comma.

You can check out Freecodecamp’s Chapter README page where I first spotted this clean and easy way to add contributors like I did on my own community project.

My only complaint is when you want to add multiple people to the project. Every single time it created a conflict in the pull request for no apparent reason. The only way I could solve it was through manually merge everything.

Still, at the end I manage to have a well structured way of praising the contributors of our community.

If your projects have a README page that took hours to tweak share with us here! It’s always interesting finding out new and better ways to transmit important information to newcomers

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